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Web design and Web development

Web design and Web development

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Web site can be just your company “internet face” or toolkit which your customers will use to communicate with your company departments, order new products and services, receive tech. support and product updates. In any case your web site should have nice and professional look and here our web design studio and web site implementation department can help you. We have experience in producing “catching visitor attention” banners and in implementing complex web-based solutions for customer support and/or e-commerce. We are offering not just “nice look” – our goal is to provide you useful and easy to operate toolkit for moving your business forward through The Net.

FOSS Software Solutions will provide to you professional design and programming web site. As a result you receive the unique product constructed on platforms of a content management system (CMS) of last generation, both traditional, and individually developed.

By development web a site we spend in-depth research and we define not only the cores business processes which you on web a site assign, but also we define types and portraits of your clients for an increase of number of visitors of a category of users interesting you. That we can important provide you with promotion as in the certain geographical territory, sex, a nationality, age proceeding from an orientation of your goods or service.

Ours web sites are developed in view of integration and interoperability with social networks facebook, twitter, linked-in and others.

The multifunctional application  constructed for you (web a site) will be included by the editor of pages, management of mailing of the information, electronic commerce, automatic statistics and more. It will allow you to use yours web  site in interests of your business with out any additional engineer knowledge . Look the list of our clients and make sure, that for us the most important is productive work on interests of our partners.

After implementation we are ready to host and promote your web site. To review some examples of web sites implemented by our company visit Web Site Portfolio Page.

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