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SEO & Web Conversion Service

SEO & Web Conversion Service

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There are two the most important factors to the success of your business in the Internet:

  • How many people know about your website?
  • What a percent of visitors of your website decide to become your customers?

SEO Service

For first of this question we prepared for you SEO Service (Search Engine Optimization).

If your website needs to be famous, it has to be in first positions in the search results of Google, Yahoo or MSN, where most of people are looking for information.

Our company provides experienced SEO services. We will work with your website to apply proper SEO techniques that are guaranteed to increase your search engine rankings. Through application of only the highest industry approved SEO services, your website is guaranteed to get higher rankings for the long term.

Having provided search engine optimization services for over 8 years as SEO consultants, we have helped many companies to get higher rankings in the major search engines and improve the overall bottom line of their business.

The quality SEO services and internet marketing technologies that our company will use on your website will help you move up in the search engines, get more traffic to your site and ultimately get more sales.

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Web Conversion Service

There is not enough to invite attention of many users. How many visitors of your website decide to become your customers ismuch more important.

We suggest you Web Conversion Service which maximize cash flow from your website. Well-designed website looks not only beautiful but designed with understanding all micro steps which provide user through the process of buying.

You can check your website conversion by the formula:Website conversion (%) = orders per week/user per week * 100

What is good percent of website conversion? Some website owners has 1-2% and think that is good, but we have examples of 10% or 20%. Without analyzing you can’t be sure than you don’t lose money.

About 1100 parameters have to be under control in process of building user’s interfaces. This step has to be first before designer will start his work.

FOSS Software has advanced web conversion expert, SEO engineers and designers which can:

  • Check the effective parameters of your website conversion
  • Optimize or reconstruct website which you have
  • Build new advanced web site for you

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Software Outsourcing Consulting

You company needs to develop some software but don’t have enough resources in software development area. We will help you to see advantages and disadvantages and make “right for you” choice.

May be you need YOUR OWN OFFSHORE COMPANY? We can build it for you!

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