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Prof-UIS is designed to help Visual C programmers save hundreds of hours in implementing today's most demanded GUI facilities in their applications. This makes Prof-UIS an invaluable tool for GUI development. It contains powerful set of tools for color management, color picker button; pop-up menu with shadows, animation, and menu bar with automatic support for lists of MRU files and so on.

General Features:

  • On-the-fly changeable Microsoft Office 2000, XP and 2003 themes
  • Visual Studio .NET-like resizable control bar, which optionally shows its contents while dragging/resizing. Such bars can be placed in all sorts of combinations relatively to each other both in the main frame window and in the smart floating containers
  • Powerful set of tools for color management: color popup menu with shadow (color picker menu), color picker button, color palette control, color picker control, and color selection dialog
  • Pop-up menu with shadows, animation, frequently/rarely used commands and Windows 2000-like tooltip window
  • Menu bar with automatic support for lists of MRU files and MDI windows, the system menu for the MDI/SDI main frame and MDI child frame, and the context menu for application's toolbars and resizable control bars
  • Enhanced resizable dialog, resizable property sheet and resizable property page
  • Fixed-size panel control bar
  • Enhanced standard controls with flat/semi-flat style: combo box with optional auto-complete, edit, button with icon, check box, and radio button
  • Built-in toolbar buttons with divided drop-down areas
  • Toolbar's chevron button support
  • Powerful "persistent affixment algorithm" which makes Prof-UIS control bars extremely user-friendly — they can restore their exact positions and sizes after redocking the bars or resizing the frame
  • Generalized template window classes for various common tasks like injecting non-client area borders into any window, providing flicker-free repainting and anchoring child windows to the borders of their parent window
  • Multi profile UI persistence and archive-based serialization of UI state, which supports the command usage statistics. These features are based on the Command Manager serializable component
  • Alpha icons for disabled menu and toolbar items used when both the Microsoft Office 2003 style and high/true color monitor modes are on
  • Multi-monitor support
  • Visual Studio 6.0/7.0/7.1 compatibility
  • ANSI, MBCS, Unicode, and native Unicode support
  • German, Polish, Swedish and Russian localizations

Advanced Features (Commercial Version Only):

  • Microsoft Visual Studio. NET-like resizable control bar that supports docking inside tab containers with detachable tabs, displaying its contents while being dragged/resized and autohiding
  • Customizable toolbars, menus and keyboard accelerators
  • Powerful tab window, which supports the group mode like in autohide control bar areas in Visual Studio .NET, the Close and Help buttons (optional), different align modes for its tab items, horizontal and vertical styles, and the ability to dock automatically to the left/right/top/bottom side of its parent window as the control bar does
  • MDI tab window, which can dock automatically to the left/right/top/bottom side of its parent window and combine the border around the MDI client area with its own border like in Visual Studio .NET
  • Page container with the functionality of both the Microsoft Outlook shortcut bar and 3D Studio MAX scrollable page container
  • Shortcut list window with the functionality of the single shortcut page of the Microsoft Outlook shortcut bar
  • Content pop-up window for displaying the full contents of a partially visible item and for highlighting its screen position with special arrow marks
  • Consistent resizable combo/edit fields in toolbars and menus
  • Microsoft Visual Studio .NET-like toolbox window
  • Icon editor dialog
  • Image editor window for editing icons and bitmaps with any color depth
  • Options page in the Customize form and Add/Remove Buttons submenu in chevron menus
  • Application wizard for Microsoft Visual C 6.0/7.0/7.1
  • Integration Wizard for building required library configurations, setting library paths, adding Application Wizard to Visual Studio and integrating Prof-UIS Help with MSDN
  • MSDN-integrated HELP

You can learn more about Prof-UIS at!