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Mobile Software Development

Mobile Software Development

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FOSS Software, Inc. provides a top quality software development for iPhones / Android / Blackberry. We help your business to take a full advantage of modern mobile technologies in unlocking new revenue streams and winning new customers. Our mobile solutions will help your business to go mobile with your iPhones, iPads or Blackberries!

Our mobile software development services are specifically designed to quickly transform your existing online business into a successful mobile one, and your new ideas into successful mobile products. We make sure that your customers will definitely reach you at the point when they really need you, wherever they would be.

10 reasons why you should order an application for the iPhone or iPad:

  • iPhone or iPad (as well as Blackberry) is a prestigious, pleasant and comfortable choice of communication device.
  • There are millions of devices with iPhone OS (Android) on board around the world. The potential of buyers of such applications is the same!
  • iPhone and iPad is an excellent gaming platform. Thanks to the incredible combination of gravity sensors and Multi-Touch technology, players have to open up a truly new gaming experience! Therefore, our programmers are ready to develop unique software for your iPhones, iPads and Blackberries.
  • According to recent studies, people are visiting the Internet through their mobile devices more often. iPhone is the leader in this market. The traffic generated by mobile devices on the iPhone OS is growing. Therefore the demand for web applications development for the iPhones, iPads and Blackberries is also growing up.
  • Devices based on the iPhone OS can easily communicate with external options (for example, with audio amplifiers, or even medical or navigation devices), which opens up new areas of software development for mobile devices based on the iPhone.
  • Devices based on iPhone OS attract buyers with their revolutionary interface and usability. These devices inherit these features from the Mac OS, the most intuitive operating system in the world.
  • Powerful application development tools (SDK) provided by Apple allow full use of third-party applications in the development process. This makes the interface of all programs for the iPhone OS a convenient and attractive almost to all users.
  • Number of countries where you can buy devices based on the iPhone OS, is now more than 100!
  • Total number of downloads of applications from App Store iPhone (shop for selling software for the iPhone) exceeded 1 billion!
  • Apple provides fundamentally new areas of applications by "In App Purchases". That means that iPhone, iPad and Blackberry users now have an opportunity to organize their own stores within applications.

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