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Call Centers Software

Call Centers Software

Medical Call center processing system.

At the end of 2011 FOSS Software Inc. released the first version of the Call Center system. This system was implemented for Night Nurse Inc., a pediatric nursing organization, that provides medical triage service for more than 1400 pediatricians, in private practice, community clinics and hospitals across the US. The system is based on the FOSS Doc engine which is successfully used by hundreds of government, health and commercial organizations around the world.

The system is receiving, dispatching, processing and archiving medical calls and provides a flexible report subsystem, which allows the customer to process call volume, analyze trends and optimize the company’s nursing labor force, in real-time.

The Call Center software has a robust security and credential subsystem, to prevent unauthorized access to the call and client information.

The call center software can be installed in a cloud environment or on standard hosting facilities.

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