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EDMS and your business

EDMS (Electronic Document Management Systems) help you to automate your business and make it run more smoothly by keeping all of your information in one place. Some benefits of using an EDMS in your business are:

  • Access control - you can set who has access to certain documents, and who doesn't.
  • Improved customer service - all information is stored in the database, so you will never lose it, if a client needs a certain piece of information, you can find it right away, not to mention, you won't have to look endlessly through your files. Just perform a simple search and the system will find what you are looking for.
  • Simple data entry - form processing and creation can be easily done with EDMS.
  • Automated business processes - workflow automation allows to move document processing from one stage to another using workflow templates.
  • History and statistics - document history and statistics are all stored on the server, so you can see who worked on the document, when they worked on it and what changes have been made to the document.
  • Go back to the start - if something went wrong with the document, you can always go back to previous versions of it using version control feature. EDMS stores all previous versions of the document.
  • Automatic filling - forms can be filled automatically by the EDMS.
  • Remote access - clients or users without the software installed on their computer can still work with the system using the Web interface.
  • Increased security - EDMS can encrypt and protect your documents from getting stolen. You can set unique passwords to any document so that only those who need to may access the document.

Introducing FossLook

FossLook is a client-server platform for business automation, collaboration and document management. The main features of FossLook are electronic document management and collaboration on projects, messages, tasks and other business related documents.

FossLook provides a powerful EDMS to large, medium and small businesses alike. It can be used in a large array of different industry branches.

The software can be used in single departments or in a whole enterprise. The goal of FossLook is to reduce working time with documents. System can organize, secure and manage all the documents in your business. FossLook is a convenient and cost-effective EDMS.

FossLook is an easy to use EDMS and it is effective for small businesses as well as for larger businesses. If you are just getting started with electronic document management, FossLook is the perfect choice for you! It will automate and facilitate your business right away!

The program has a Web interface, so you don't even need the FossLook client installed on your computer, simply login to the web-server and you will have all the features of FossLook directly in your browser!

See how FossLook can help your business:

  • Web Server

    FossLook provides a web interface so if a computer does not have the FossLook client installed, the user can still use FossLook through the web interface, it has all of the functionalities of FossLook directly on your browser.

  • Document Libraries

    You can create libraries containing custom documents, configure document permissions and sharing. This feature will help you to automate your business.

  • Document Workflows

    You can create document workflows using visual editor. You can manage document flow manually or use a workflow template that can move documents through all necessary steps automatically.

  • Mail Server

    FossLook has a built-in mail server so you can send/receive messages using platform's client software. FossLook server supports mailboxes on your own domain as well as mailboxes on popular mail severs like Gmail, Yahoo, etc. Therefore, your mail and documents can be stored in one database.

  • Document History and Statistics

    You can easily check who worked on the document, what they changed and when this was done. All document's work statistics is stored on the server and you can access it through document's user interface.

  • Electronic Digital Signature

    You can use ES to sign files attached to documents. Also it's possible to check validity of ES.

  • Recurring Tasks

    Often user needs to be reminded about something: for example, about the meeting or about any problems with a specific document. This functionality implemented by means of the external module named "Recurring Tasks".

  • Printing Templates

    FossLook has the ability to print documents from a template. You can create templates in MS Word. Templates can be set to be filled-out automatically.

To try the FossLook EDMS, click on the following link: FossLookFree.

You can find more information about FossLook on the product's official site -