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TCPFOSS is the communication program intended for transferring files through local and global networks using TCP/IP protocol. The mode of transferring is automatic. TCPFOSS exceeds in speed FTP by more than 3 times. Also it’s more secure and flexible. Transferred files may be assigned different transfer priorities. Guaranteed file transfer even in case of connection failure.

Very often, the need arises to transmit a very large number of very small files between two systems. Standard File Transfer Protocols (FTP) was not optimized for this type of transfer and as such, it takes far too long to perform it. TCPFOSS solves this common operational problem. Additionally, TCPFOSS is more reliable than standard FTP when transferring large files through error-prone data communication channels. So, you won't have to pay twice or even more for the transferring the same files. TCPFOSS was designed from the ground up for every high transfer rates of files across TCP/IP networks, be it across your LAN or across the Internet.


  • Data transfer in duplex mode
  • Guaranteed file transfer even in case of connection failure
  • Transferredfiles may be assigned different transfer priorities. Higher-priority files take precedence and lower-priority files are suspended. This makes it possible to send low-priority files of any size without causing delays in transferring high-priority files
  • The innovative protocol used in TCPFOSS increases the transmission speed when a great amount of small files are transmitted. For instance, when using a direct connection to transfer files of size 1kByte or less, TCPFOSS exceeds in speed FTP by more than 3 times. For the satellite communication channels and X.25, these figures are even more impressive
  • Security system against unauthorized access based on the double-key RSA encryption algorithm
  • Transferring files with long names
  • Possibility to use the Internet for data transfer
  • Possibility to share a communication channel between different applications (for instance, SQL-queries, WEB-servers, etc.)
  • Packet routing by means of the facilities of operation systems. In case of failure of a direct connection, this guaranties a normal program execution if an indirect transmission channel is available
  • Easy to integrate with the mail systems using external communication programs

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